My name is Sune Fengel. I am a webdeveloper located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Other than working with larger scale websites in C# in my dayjob, I am the sole proprietor and employee of Vault 76, where I sometimes burn the midnight oil doing small projects.
This page is partly my portfolio and partly a playground where I intend to experiment with frontend stuff. I also work with illustrations whenever I can find the sparetime and inspiration to do so. I am 40% visual, 40% linguistic and 20% mathmatical which equals "usually better off working in the frontend than in the backend".


These are the major skills I hone.

Lvl: Layman

Although I primarily rely on jQuery for dom manipulation (Why wouldn't you?). My capabilities are not limited to this. Due to my programming background I also write, and have a wide understanding of core javascript. Furthermore I constantly try to keep up with new technologies and design patterns to optimize performance of my scripts. Peep my fiddles and my gists for handy small snippets and perhaps inspiration.

My experience include:

  • Core Javascript
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Google Charts

Lvl: Journeyman

I started programming C# in 1996 at ITU. Although I spent most of my time in such a 'heavy' environment, I've always taken a linking to the more 'lightweight' aspects to the language. I've created a dozen websites in .NET, primarily in the best CMS ever, Umbraco, but also in EpiServer & Dynamicweb (The latter being my worst encounter ever).

My experience include:

  • Web Application Development
  • Umbraco CMS (level 2 certified)
  • Razor View Engine (Gotta love the razors elegant lightweight approach to .NET)
  • Linq
  • MVC 3
  • MSSQL/Mysql

Lvl: Layman

I recently started using CSS3 transitions for most of my animations. I choose to leave the browsers (IE7-9) that don't support it behind. Users will still be presented with the content, but they are robbed of the full experience. I dont have a problem being that robber. Cause in the end, I wanna help people choose the better browser. The better browser supports webstandards like css3 and html5. My knowledge of Isn't greater than I still have a lot to learn and in some cases take a trial and error approach to my code. But I usually solve all my problems in the end.

Lvl: Novice

I'm new to HTML5, and though I don't know my way around canvas just yet, I rarely start a new project that isn't Boilerplate. Look at the sourcecode of this page and you might notice that I make use of the nifty data- attributes. Actually, thank you Microsoft for implementing them so early on.

I'm not a big fan of the new tags like <article> and <nav>. In my world it would make more sense and be more futureproof to use an attribute like role to tell the browser what an anonymous element might be considered and how to behave. When new tags are put in the game and old browsers don't know how to interpret them, you have to resort to hacks in order to be able to style them. (Just my five cents)

Lvl: Layman

I started out with php before I turned to .NET and though I prefer the latter, I still do personal projects in php just to keep it up. After all php is a little more open and provides greater flexibility when it comes to hosting providers.

I picked wordpress as my second choice of CMS (after Umbraco) as I believe wordpress to be the most user friendly and easy to customize system in php. (and you gotta love the design in that backend)

When I dont need an entire cms to handle content or make a few routines I turn to codeigniter, an MVC framework for php. This provides easy routing to functions and forces a developmentstyle that will make it easier for the next programmer to pick up where I left

Php platforms I use:

  • Wordpress
  • Codeigniter

Curriculum Vitae

My life so far

Bachelor in graphics design

Miscelaneous work

3D Illustrator by Waterliving Aps (freelance)

Co-illustrator at Dansklandskabet w/Mette Ehlers (freelance)

Cand.it in Software development (SWU) at ITU

Webdeveloper at Fonqi A/S.

Lone ranger at Vault 76

Frontend developer @ Zupa Recommended CPH